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Injection pipes for Diesel engines

For the pipe bend system, we use CNC bending machines with automatic feeder, which guarantees the precision of bending In all produced parts, within the required quality standards and market.


Fuel system pipes

Our metrology system operates within temperature controlled environment, being composed by instruments and devices calibrated by an entity belonging to the Brazilian Calibration Network. The laser measuring table, coupled with a CNC bending machine ensures the the dimensions obtained correspond to the reality of the manufacturing process.

Hydraulic brake pipes

Our brake pipes are produced with best materials and comply with the international standard J-533B. The perfect seal is assured by the strict control tolerances during the manufacture of the swages. For this reason, the brake pipes produced by Incodiesel have high durability and safe performance under the strictest conditions of use.


Fittings for nylon and steel pipes

The precision machining area guarantees a perfect coupling to all components of the products manufactured by Incodiesel, thus ensuring full functionality and longevity of the final product.

Incoflex brake pipes

The main applications of Incoflex brake pipes are in the automotiva line of brake, fuel, oil, natural gas connections, hazardous liquids, air and water.



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